Effie 2019 – The biggest Effie success of Ovation BBDO!

NEWS - Effie 2019 Effie 2019 – The biggest Effie success of Ovation BBDO!

This year’s edition of the prestigious Effie Srbija contest has filled our trophy cabinet with 3 Effie awards out of 7 finals! The total number of projects that entered the finals was 15, so we are extremely pleased with the first round results as well.  We congratulate the finalists and the winners of Effie 2019 and we thank the jury that has recognized our projects in terms of business results!

Munchmallow Effie!

What a great festival cycle finish for Munchmallow! As the only finalist in the Food & Snacks category, Munch has completed an amazing year with a silver Effie, while a final in the Media innovation category made it all the more remarkable. More than a story for itself, Munch has made impressive business results after a glorious campaign. This result was created as a synergy of creativity and efficiency – the sweetest way possible!

Two Effies for Nectar!

Now famous campaign Nectar – Već 20 godina nije svejedno, has won 2 awards out of 3 Effie 2019 finals! In the CARPE DIEM and Non-alcohol beverages categories, this project was the lone finalist, as the only one that has met high standards of Effie. Both times winning – silver and bronze, respectively. Corporate reputation category was the third in which Nectar found its place. We are proud the campaign that has shaken up the country and the region is still echoing loudly!

Effie finals for Zaječarsko Pšenično

In the Alcohol beverages category, Zaječarsko pšenično was again the only project that reached the finals. Famous brand has achieved great business results with its new product. We are pleased our campaign made that possible!

Effie finals for Booster

BZZZZZ! Another lone Ovation BBDO Effie finalist was Booster, with its project More energy, more hun! Launch of this new energy drink taste gave us more of Boosterd’s contagious laughing and a memorable packaging design. And not just that, it gave us also visible business results and a prestigious competition finals spot!

Effie 2019 nagrada kao kruna Munchmallow – Priča za sebe sezone

Besides the mentioned awards, Munchmallow’s campaign entered Top 26 at Balcannes, best regional campaign’s festival in Rovinj, and was awarded with the Best regional project. It’s regional character was also confirmed with the Sempl festival finals in Portorož.
At Kaktus 2018, there were two awards and a Grand Prix for Serbia’s top regional project in 2018!
There also came 5 gold medals in all of the categories, as well as the Grand Prix at the traditional Day of the UEPS contest, while Jaffa Crvenka received the title of the Advertiser of the year.

Digital day 2019 was also fruitful for Munchmallow, with a Grand Prix win and two individual category wins.

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About Effie Awards

Effie is a recognition given on a local, regional and global level to agencies and advertisers behind successful marketing campaigns that surpassed their goals. Effie Worldwide license is a proof of this competition’s quality. In Serbia, these accolades are being awarded from 2017.

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