Weekend Media Festival awards both an honor and a duty

NEWS - Weekend Media Festival 2018 Weekend Media Festival awards both an honor and a duty

We’ve received three regular and one special accolade at the recently finished Weekend media festival! The success in the best regional projects categories as chosen by Balcannes and #SoMoBorac panels gives our agency the title of the most rewarded one from Serbia at this year’s prestigious festival in Rovinj.

This is a great honor, but also a great duty for us in the forthcoming period. We thank our clients on giving us the opportunity to be creative, and we thank panel members for recognizing true quality of the awarded campaigns.

The sweetest Munchmallow campaign – the best Balcannes regional project

Munchmallow’s advertising festivals debut has received a worthy praise at the Balcannes. Balcannes is a contest traditionally reserved for the finest works from all the relevant advertising agencies in the region, which makes Munchmallow’s campaign selection in the top 26 already a cause for pride.

The crown of this achievement was the award for The Best regional project, and the roar of the red lion made the Munchmallow’s campaign success complete.

Click here for the case video.

Double accolade for the most successful #SoMoBorac project – Nectar For 20 years it does matter

After a noteworthy performance at this year’s IAB MIXX competition, where it won two prizes, Nectar’s birthday campaign also took home prestigious digital awards – SoMo Borac. The regional success was confirmed by an international panel, as Nectar won SoMoContent and Viral Blockbuster categories.

With the aforementioned awards, Nectar’s campaign is the most successful project of this year’s SoMo Borac, the biggest one organized to this date.

Click here for the case video.

Weekend media festival

Weekend media festival is the largest communication industry event in the region. This year’s eleventh edition gathered more than 5 000 participants, with visitors taking part in more than 50 lectures, panels, presentations and workshops in 6 halls. As a part of the festival, prestigious honors of Balcannes and #SoMoBorac were bestowed. These trophies are intended for the best regional projects, both overall and in the digital communication sphere.

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