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Every advertising agency’s mission is to fight for the position in which it could be able to set new trends and create standards applicable to the market in which it operates. In that sense, efficiency depends on how capable and how fast we are in answering clients’ needs, using standards we have primarily set to ourselves. Ovation BBDO sticks to the “Learn from the best” formula, completely aware that it would not work without creating productive and efficient in-house eco-system. That’s why “The WORK. The WORK. The WORK.” is our slogan.

Break through the “seen already”

Comparing to developed European business environments, Serbia and other Western Balkans countries are small markets, but competitiveness between advertising agencies is on a high level. What we’re trying to offer to the market is supply diversification, which should, in the long term, create opportunity for clients and brands to step ahead of the competition. What we least like to hear or read when the brief arrives is “we want this or that kind of campaign” or “we want a campaign you crafted for that other client”. On the contrary, whenever there’s an opportunity for that, we’re trying to offer fresh approach with at least a touch of risky, unusual solutions. Whenever there was an opportunity to actually execute that kind of campaign, client ended up with ceiling-breaking results.

In the past few years, we’ve had a vast number of examples that prove this thesis (see some of that on our website – ovationbbdo.rs/allwork). No matter how strict the industry is, there is always space for stepping out of the usual concepts, preconditioned by creating good chemistry with clients. Our privilege was to have the opportunity to launch some brave campaigns for clients from financial services, pharmaceutical and other “rigid” industries, which immediately resulted in boosted sales. These campaigns were recognized both by the customers and the profession.

Art applied for both business and social cause

We find it very important to explore the existing scope of opportunities, accept specific client’s demands, utilize that experience and then craft the unique tailor-made solution for every brand separately. From OvationBBDO perspective, advertising is the art creation process in service of needs of our clients; art that never goes out of comprehention sight of client’s potential consumers, nor it stays in the mud of mediocrity. Merged with strong strategy net designed to answer key insights of the target group and supported by prudent communicational channels selection, this applied art brings multiple benefits. While it helps business boost for clients, it raises standards for the whole advertising branch. On larger scale, it indirectly helps society development step by step, making customers feel more convenient in everyday life. Having that in mind, we are approaching to every project convinced that we’re doing the right thing in every level of human interaction.

Thinking digital

Our market is longing for adequate use of online channels and that’s something that should be thought about on both agencies’ and clients’ side. On the other side, this market will face social and communicational earthquake as soon as Millenial Generation takes highest consumer and decision-making positions and Generation Z (demographic group following the Millenials) grows up. Pictures we have seen at the latest Balkan tube fest in the packed Sava Centar theatre speak more than words – thousands of young adults hysterically saluting to their Youtube idols are a clear signal of upcoming market shifting.  Answering demanding consumer needs of these generations will most certainly be the biggest communicational challenge in future years. Being aware of that, we in OvationBBDO are developing our digital capacities, so that we could be ready to ride that wave instead of letting it drown the industry.

It’s always about individual

Although we find digital department extremely important, what we are trying to nurture in our corporate culture is a simple approach that all our employees are free, creative and responsible, first of all – to themselves, then to their colleagues and, at the end of the day – to our clients. Self-esteem is in the root of mutual respect and that is something we in OvationBBDO firmly believe. That is why we are trying our best to invest in fresh talents with different backgrounds, integrating them in existing settings, permanent specialization and education.

This works both for our employees and the people we mostly cooperate with – our clients.

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