Reject golden rules!

Golden rule of communications: Reject golden rules!

Marketing communications field is everything but calm and stable, but is this market uncertainty discouraging? For Marko Pešić, Client Service Director at advertising agency Ovation BBDO, these challenges should be used as incentives for improving the quality of the services that agencies provide.

 1. Is there appropriate infrastructure in Serbia that would let agencies apply world trends and standards in purpose of more efficient servicing of advertisers’ needs?

The mission of every agency in Serbia is to fight for the position in which it could be able to set new trends and create standards applicable to the market in which we operate. In that sense, efficiency depends on how capable we are to answer fast on clients’ needs, using standards we have primary set to ourselves. That’s why we, in OvationBBDO, are guided by the formula: learn from the best, but before that – create productive and efficient eco-systems in-house.

2. Which communicational channels could increase the efficiency of the advertising budget spending?

There is no general answer to this, since there is still a lot of opportunities to use mainstream media in the right way. On the other side, our market is longing for adequate use of online channels and that’s something that should be thought about on both agencies’ and clients’ side. In our opinion, we need to explore the existing scope of opportunities, accept specific client’s demands, utilize that experience and than craft the unique taylor-made solution for every brand separately.

3. What are the “golden rules” of market communication?

Every agency should have it’s own operating rules. That would help in setting the more competitive business environment and, consequently, increase the quality of services we’re providing. The effect of this approach is supply diversification, which is a proof that “golden rules” should be rejected. In the long term, that would give the opportunity for clients and brands to step ahead of the competition. That’s why what we least like to hear is “we want this kind of campaign” and “we want a campaign you crafted for that other client”.

4. What makes OvationBBDO different than other agencies?

This is a question our clients would answer better than myself. What we are proud of is our corporate culture based on the simple approach that all our employees are free, creative and responsible, first of all – to themselves, then to their colleagues and, at the end of the day – to our clients. Self-esteem is the in the root of mutual respect and that is something we in OvationBBDO firmly believe.

5. What are the challenges that advertising and PR agencies will face with?

Adaptation, inovation, investments. Most of the business circumstances are given, which requires constant improvement and inovations on every level. OvationBBDO investments are based on something we like to call smart approach – acquisition of fresh talents with different backgrounds, integrating them in existing settings, permanent specialization and education. This works both for our employees and the people we mostly cooperate with – our clients.

6. What are your predictions for advertising business enviroment in 2016?

I do not expect it should be necessarily different from the past year, even having in mind early elections that will most certainly occupy mainstream media in the spring. Clients’ activities will be dislocated to the other channels, but the expectations will not be reduced. Our job is to propose adequate answers and keep campaign efficiency at the expected level.

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