Sberbank – Because we listen to you

Cash loans campaign has started in those days when Serbian society was stepping out of a strict lockdown that had suddenly interrupted a well tucked in everyday life. After a few months of being closed off, people developed this strong urge to get back to that old routine of living. Still, there was a great confusion concerning massive disease spreading and potential consequences on health and economy that we all listened to non-stop, so the return to routine went pretty slow-mo.

All the current and potential bank clients needed an encouragement to restart their daily habits and get back to those things that were denied to them during the previous period. So, the right answer came in the form of a support born out of an authentic understanding of people’s needs, because Sberbank is their reliable partner.


Communication platform that serves as a basis for cash loans campaign is titled with the word “(We) Listen”, used when people want to convey that every bit of other side’s message is carefully received and well absorbed. It’s short, simple and acoustic and that means it’s a great starting point for a highly effective and memorable ATL campaign, the kind that all brands want.

And while many couples and individuals take their turn in front of a characteristically green bank desk, all having different needs and wishes, easily relatable to each one of us, a young clerk by the name of Džudi, caught himself in their stories, entirely consumed by them, and started transforming himself in all sorts of roles from a Russian scientist to a French architect, from one video to the next. And that’s how the entire campaign became an integral part of Sberbank’s Living together.