Booster – More energy, more hun


Booster made out of hun?

An authentic, widely recognized campaign that was built around an energized creature called Boosterd, has become a hallmark of the brand’s outward show. His characteristic laugh, unrestrained bustle and excitement was so impressible aspect of the communication, so it has determined its further development. Although Booster had already been portrayed as an energy drink of various flavors, a hun-based Booster, with natural caffeine, but without taurine, was meant to refresh a brand’s overall communication. Can we uphold a recognizable Boosterd’s appearance by presenting a new flavor innovation in the same time?


A communication totally based on hun as a new ingredient just could not be avoided. What can we say about the hun? It’s sweet, yeah. And Boosterd? Well, he’s kind a… crazy. As a matter of fact, he cannot be any different holding the energy that he has got. We realized that an energy boost of a Booster with hun brings not only the fun – which is indicated by the brand’s slogan MORE ENERGY MORE FUN – but also a very peculiar sweetening. That’s how an adapted slogan arose – MORE ENERGY MORE HUN! We created a special packaging and put a great weight on bees. Facing the bees, Boosterd becomes even more goofy, so the brand could easily say – BEE MAAAAD!