Time passes, quality remains

100 years

Challenges of jubilee campaigns are always specific. Anniversaries are opportunity to look at the company’s values, to create some powerful equity messages … However, it’s rare to get in touch with the companies or brands that, like Danubius, celebrate a hundredth birthday! The century of existence exceeds the lifetime of each consumer generation, such a period of time testifies numerous changes, cultural habits in specific epochs.

There is a plenty of water in Danube

In the period of 100 years there are so many important moments. Historical circumstances are changing. Cities and lands appear and disappear. Generations are changing. Technology is constantly moving forward. People are changing the habits and pace of life … The way we feed ourselves has changed. Some dishes may have been forgotten, and some new ones have become part of our everyday life and gastronomic culture.

For 100 years, many water have flowed through Danube. And much more of that Danubius have testified. Although we have changed, “flowed” like a water, our needs have remained the same. The need for love, trust and security. Human needs that stayed unchanged by the time are values ​​in which Danubius believes for a hundred years. And that is why Danubius is a witness of the time since 1918 and a quality guarantee. In life and at the table.