The brand you trust

Where do we hold Galenika?

Not as many deep-rooted and adored brands that keep persisting on the local markets have acquired such a compound image as Galenika. Even though belonging to pharmaceuticals, brands often seen as paled or too serious, Galenika continues to evoke very intimate, even warm memories. All the vitamins that our mothers used to give us for the growth, unguents we used upon the return from the beach or injuries from riding a bike, pills we took to lease our cold – Galenika reminds us of all of that. Nevertheless, some medicaments that we have also been trusting and using throughout all our life also belong to the Galenika family, but we haven’t even noticed that. Can we surprise our customers by presenting the real range of Galenika?

A whole drawer only for Galenika.

A number of Galenika’s products that we storage at our home is so high that it comes natural to have a separate drawer just for it. All at one place, for all the possible urgencies or preemptive occasions – whether we need just to compensate a vitamine drop, or heal the injury or bad cold. Some of Galenika products use all family members. Moreover, the very same product might be used both by granny or son, both by father and mom. Our cool brother, who has just got his first tattoo, uses Pantenol, but it has also been used by grandpa. Pantenol is for each and all.