Lion tales are no lies

Who are the lions?

“Lav” (“Lion”) beer doesn’t need much of an introduction. As a brand that is active on the local market since 2003 and that has already seen several generations enjoying the recognizable taste of the local pale lager, it was necessary to remind its users of the main characteristics of a Lion character. We needed to inspire them and make them feel proud – so they could recognize a Lion in themselves as an expression of their tale and the highest quality of their personality.

Who are the lions? Those who work hard and engage life with honesty and a lion heart. They are not bothered by status, but with standard – a standard regarding what they do and how they approach other people. What matters to them is a sense of belonging built on the finest qualities of character. Not all Lions are the same, but they do have that one thing in common. Something that is essential.

Lion tales are no lies.

“Either you are, or you aren’t”. Behind this legendary slogan is a lot of things. It’s not just that Lav beer is the only one on the market that has a brand built on a character, but that character is rather unique: though individualistic, it’s inseparable from the crew. From companionship. A pride felt by an individual is most commonly received from a communal recognition, and the community values individuals with very specific set of norms.

Who are the ones that we respect as a community? We respect those that support their words with deeds. A key characteristic of a Lion personality is his/her active nature – the work. LAV is the one who walks the walk. That’s why not every tale is a lion’s tale. Lion’s tale has results that are cause for pride. And that’s why it’s a tale that endures. It is being told, and being celebrated with the finest beer drinking, in the finest company. In order to fill the glass to the fullest, a tale mustn’t be an empty one.