Munchmallow movie “A story for itself”

Munchmallow really is a story for itself. As such, this brand needs to be innovative. Do things other brands don’t and won’t. Wrap a billboard in foil, create a Munchtown thriving on imagination, let the camera do the magic and make a brand movie.
Munchmallow movie – “A story for itself”!

Munchmallow movie “a Story for itself” – The plot

We’ve decided to open up a new space in market communications in our region, and make a brand movie. Little prince archetype has served us as an inspiration for the film and a return to childhood.

The story follows our heroes who make a gigantic foil ball, or at least so it seems. You see, by making the ball, they make a new world. A world in which “impossible” is a forbidden word. Where ideas come alive as if by magic. Where everyone can make a story for itself.

Replace popcorn crunching with Munch foil crunching and let the show begin:

Munchmallow movie “a Story for itself” – cast&crew

To create this outstanding film we’ve used a successful kids movies director’s experience – the man in question being Raško Miljković, the author of “Zlogonje”. Under his command and guided by the skills of the cinematographer Mikša Anđelić, Munch story has been told in a new way, in a new format, and with a new spirit. Twenty kids have been dedicated to every shot (eating the whole supply of Munchmallow along the way). And everything we see on YT screen is enriched with gentle tunes of Kralj Čačka.

The TV is dead, long live the movie!

In an era when everyone is telling us how an average viewer’s attention span is but a few seconds, and that the entire content is being consumed on at least 2 screens at the same time, it’s hard not to notice that despite of it – Hollywood hasn’t experienced a demise. Movie directors often collaborate with brands: let us recall Wes Anderson and H&M, or Spike Jonze and Kenzo.

With Munch we’ve proven that miracles are possible. And so, it is possible to make a brand movie in Serbia because Munchmallow really is – a Story for itself!