Oligovit – You do not need a miracle. You need an idea.

It’s very unlikely that there is someone with a passport of the Republic of Serbia, but also with the passport of the surrounding countries, who has not heard of the company Galenika. And if, miraculously, we could dig out someone like that – he must have heard of Oligovit, a powerful pill that is so tiny, but it contains as many as 10 vitamins and 10 minerals.

It was recommended to you by your parents, friends, colleagues, doctors, bosses, and you can surely remember at least five situations in which this referral took place. When you were preparing exams, intensely training, having a cold, been dieting… When you worked hard, was sleep deprived, became a mother (or father), changed your life rhythm, grew…. The mighty Oligovit has always jumped in to save your immunity, nerves, health, and appearance!


We don’t, because there is no need for it. All you must do is remind everyone about all the things that Oligovit can do for their psychophysical health. And it can do wonders.

That is why the heroes of our new campaign are the exact ones from the well-known Alisa’s Wonderland: sleepy Dormouse that keeps nodding off in the middle of the meeting, distracted White Rabbit that is always late and jumpy and absentminded Mad Hatter who organizes his tea party anew, although he is not quite sure that he knows what it is all about, and everyone else annoys him terribly.

And our Alisa comes to this tea party like Oligovit himself into our lives – to save the day! To eliminate fatigue, to help you focus, to relieve nervousness… To do all the things forementioned Oligovit will do to you. If you take it regularly. 😊

And that’s why we haven’t been “inventing hot water”, and all we had to do was pour that same water into nice, shiny glasses and offer it along with the Oligovit pack.

Because really… You don’t need a miracle.

You need Oligovit.

And a good agency.