ORBIT – A smile is the best accessory!

No matter how many time you’ve rolled your eyes on this quote – it still doesn’t mean it’s not true. A beautiful smile opens many doors, releases tension in awkward situations, makes us fall in love. It makes strangers believe that we are trustworthy, brings us closer to others, shines from every photo that we have and that we are yet going to take, it can be heard from words that we’ve said… And what can possibly ruin charms of a beautiful smile? If we don’t dwell on motivational speeches and advices for a great mood now (and we won’t 😊) then there are few obstacles to jump over: red wine, colored juices aaaaaaaaaand… our favorite beverage – COFFEE!
So, how can you enjoy your coffee but, at the same time, preserve radiance of your teeth? Well, on that white, shiny scene steps our well-known guardian à ORBIT!

ORBIT White combined seemingly incompatible things!

Having in mind the fact that our lives are in fast gear and the fact that we are mainly out of home, it’s quite important to have allies that can alleviate and embellish our everyday life, and that can fit into the pocket, bag, backpack…

ORBIT White chewing gum is your saver at every more or less convenient situation – whether it’s a first date with your crush, an interview for that job you want so much, get-together with the old crew that you haven’t seen for sooooooooooo long – it’s most likely that you will be offered coffee. But you don’t have to worry that your smile will be any less shiny after that because you just have to take ORBIT White.

So, there are only three steps in the process of maintaining a great smile:

  1. Have your favorite coffee.
  2. Take ORBIT White from the pocket/bag/backpack (and offer your friends, of course).
  3. Chew and continue the conversation with fresh breath and shiny white theet.

Is it that simple?

Yes, it’s that simple.

So we have a message for you from ORBIT à „LOVE YOUR COFFEE, LOVE YOUR SMILE!“